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Located near the Pondicherry downtown, she visited it as the Cluny Mother Provincial's guest.

The institute facilitates 39 children aged 5 - 18 years. All of them are mentally disabled and some are physically disabled too. Two Cluny Sisters and two people care for their education whereas a physiotherapist delivers treatment according to the children's specific needs.

In 2015, the school was reported to the government by an inspecting team because of the miserable state of the building and asbestos contamination. At that time, a building permit was delivered for 3 years and was hardly renewed in 2018.

The project never bears fruit due to the lack of funding.


objective :

The most emergency is to build a new structure. The fate of the school hangs by a thread if it does not fit the government requirements. The children have to be protected from every danger considering they already are neglected by society.

A detailed and costed estimate was requested for the reconstruction of the school. This quotation includes:

  • The dismantlement of the current structure and clearance of the site before rebuilding;

  • A building with a wheelchair ramp;

  • Specific school protection.

The estimated by a local Indian company would be cost €199,435 ($226,516).


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