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Sister Lucy, current superior mother of the “Sisters Congregation of St Joseph of Cluny“, manages the site including a hospital, a paramedical center and of course the orphanage where she grew up.

By now, the nursery shelters about 40 children aged between a few days to 5 years old. Most of them were abandoned from birth or temporarily placed until their parents can afford to raise them. The nursery can take care of these children for several years.

The nursery's role has changed significantly during the past few years and it now relies completely on the Indian government. Many rules and nonsenses are the law to these kids who want nothing but to be loved and cared for, to be fondled and live carefree.

The sisters and the nurses who work in the orphanage try to create a sense of stability for the kids craving for safety. The priority is to provide for the children's basic and daily needs, and this is a challenging undertaking. In the meantime, ensuring that they have a future is also a long and demanding task. 

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objectives :

  • Buying the regular material to run the nursery properly: bedsheets, cloth diapers, initial milk, clothes, medical checkups and miscellaneous costs;

  • Regular visits to the dentist's;

  • Acquisition of new beds for the children;

  • The creation of a space dedicated to psychomotricity for the infants living in the nursery;

  • Surgery for children who need specific treatment;


We propose you to accompany us in this great adventure to make sure that these projects can see the day and that they are realized successfully. This success depends on your momentum of generosity. Your gesture will leave traces … 

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