In a few words:

The “Satya Special School“, a non-profit organization based in Pondicherry that works with the disabled children

Apart from playing an active role in disability management, “Satya Special School“ also takes the lead in many unique initiatives in Pondicherry region.

This school is currently helping 900 children who have special needs through many services. They work in more than 6 urban centers and 3 rural centers.


objectiVES :

Osteopathy is a relatively poorly known area in India, and it may be a way to improve the life conditions of disabled people by delivering training courses to the physiotherapists.

Chitra Shah, director of this organization, invited the osteopaths so they can train the therapeutic personal to osteopathy. She realized that mothers with disabled children understand the importance of the techniques used by osteopaths to better their child's condition.



In April 2019, a team of 8 osteopaths is composed of: 

Aurian Vaxelaire, Gaëtan Delaunoit, Katja Thommen, Lucie Vilamajo, Marc Damoiseaux, Michel Mahiat, Sophie Commerman et Victoria Bary.

They continue the project  set up in 2018 and for two weeks, they work for:

  • training the therapeutic staff, in osteopathic techniques through an initiation to the basic principles and the art of osteopathy.

  • continuing treatments for children.



We propose you to accompany us in this great adventure to make sure that these projects can see the day and that they are realized successfully. This success depends on your momentum of generosity. Your gesture will leave traces … 

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Training in osteopathic techniques


Treatments for children.