AKKA Big-Sister

was born in 1974 in Pondicherry and was adopted in 1977 by a Belgian family that, back then, lived in Kinshasa. She was  5 years old when she arrived in Belgium. She attended a standard school curriculum in Brussels and then she studied interior architecture. She has worked for 19 years for a company that imports designer furniture. 

She was not interested in her native country until years later. It all started with her second trip, ever since then her interest in India grew steadily.

In fact, India, and more specifically Pondicherry, courses through her veins: wherever she was, these Indian genes follow. With each trip she takes, the mystery about his root begins to unravel itself. Showing her its fragility, emotions, strengths, and sensitivity. They define who she was today. All these riches and discoveries are her lifeblood.


The orphanage where she spent the first 3 years of her life can still exists. It is located in Pondicherry, a city in southeastern India in the state of Tamil Nadu.

His motivation to help these children was evident from his first trips. She wishes that the daily life of her "brothers and sisters of heart » (« L’ttle Loulous ») can be as serene as possible, that they can live fully their childhood, to be in good health, to have access to a schooling: a necessary baggage to face their future.

These simple reasons are at the origin of his approach to having created “AKKA philanthropic initiative“ managed by the King Beaudoin Foundation.


the King Baudouin Foundation

Shanti Debroux, after noting that nothing could be done without help, is directed to the King Baudouin Foundation, which has listened attentively, to its history and its projects.

An agreement was signed for the creation of the "AKKA philanthropic initiative“, in January 2019.